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We Serve Food, Harmony, & Laughter Since 1997

Dothan’s Paradise


Our Philosophy

Located in downtown Dothan, AL we nicknamed ourselves “Dothan’s Paradise”. Designed to provide a laid back environment for professionals to relax after a long day or week. We offer an extensive but exclusive menu of fizz by the glass or the bottle. Be mindful that we cannot just  fill you up with amazing wines and cocktails, our Uptown Menu is filled with some savory dishes to balance out your libations.  Lastly, we have a jazz vibe that we typically express with live jazz artists and events. Whether you’re looking for a place to let your hair down after a crazy week at work or the perfect spot for a date night, The Uptown is here to make it happen for you.

We love to wine and dine  groups celebrating birthday, special events, and of course life in general. However, we do ask that if your party is larger than 5 guests please make sure you contact us prior to the anticipated date to reserve a section so that we can provide an accommodated area for you and your guests. 

Celebrate with us

A night out with friends?
Come celebrate with us, delight in drinks, smooth music & great company


Upcoming Events


Jazzy Hour
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Jazzy hour is our version of happy hour.  We will put a Jazzy spin on your cocktails at these times Friday and Saturday 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.


Meet Our Staff

Stephen Colvin


Semetha Colvin



Our Team

About The Founder

The Uptown was established in 2016 by Stephen Colvin.

Stephen Colvin, whose passion for jazz and unwavering dedication enriched our lives and our community when he opened the Uptown Jazz Club.

Stephen Colvin was more than a club owner; he was a conductor of dreams, orchestrating evenings filled with soulful melodies and unforgettable experiences. Through his tireless efforts, he a created a space where music thrived and friendships blossomed.

With a keen ear for talent and an eye for detail, Stephen Colvin curated performances that captivated audiences and celebrated the diverse tapestry of jazz and other genres of music. His commitment to excellence and authenticity set a standard that continues to inspire us all.

Beyond his role as a business leader, Mr. Colvin was a pillar of our community- a mentor, a friend, and a beacon of generosity. He believed in nurturing emerging artists, supporting local causes, and fostering connections that transcended the boundaries of music.

As we reflect on Stephen Colvin’s life and contributions, let us carry forward their spirit of creativity, compassion, and camaraderie. Even though he is no longer is with us in person, his passion for jazz and the impact on our lives will echo through the melodies played in this club and in our hearts.

Stephen Colvin, thank you for sharing your love of jazz with us and for leaving an indelible mark on our souls and community. Your legacy will continue to inspire and resonate for generations to come!


Soulful Cuisine

Rentals Available

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  • In house entertainment options, live availability may vary
  • Catering is available for all of your event needs
  • Outside catering must be vetted by management
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased in house



Friday – Sunday

8 pm – 2 am ( Lunch – Dinner )

Soulful Sunday

11 am – 3 pm ( Lunch )

8 pm – 2 am ( Dinner )

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